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While I may be many things (wife, mother, daughter, sister, nurse,) I am one proud woman, and am absolutely thrilled to be celebrating other women through artistic and beautiful boudoir photography. I'm a firm believer that EVERY woman is beautiful, and deserves to be photographed like a work of art.
I have an extensive background in fine art wedding photography, and have a deep knowledge of and appreciation for editorial style portraits. In addition, I'm known for not only my professionalism, but my ability to put even the most hesitant and tense clients at ease with my nurturing, authentic, and bubbly personality.
I invite you to explore my portfolio, open your mind and heart to boudoir photography, and then reach out to say "Hello."
Let's make some art.

am so excited you're here, and am thrilled to help you get to know me a little better.


Your Fine Art East Coast Boudoir Photographer

Hi, I'm Erin

As it is for many women, my body awareness began to change around the time I hit puberty. I shot up taller than most of the boys in my grade, and my chest and hips also filled out thicker than my friends. In addition, I was a competitive dancer, and was frequently reminded of my thicker physique. While my peers were dressing back stage, I was in the bathroom, taping my breasts down so that they would fit into my costume! Outside of dance, boys would ask me not to wear heels around them, and I was once called a "Tower" while out and about on the town. I laugh about it now, but for a long time I carried a lot of self-criticism and shame regarding my body.
While my outstanding husband helped jump start the healing process by helping me feel sexy and alluring, it really was the birth of my child that allowed me to truly embrace the power, individualism, and true beauty that was MY body.
I'm now on a mission to help other women find and celebrate their unique beauty through the influential art that is boudoir photography.

Learning to Love Myself

My background story

stand at nearly 6' tall. With my tall and curvy frame, It's difficult to shop for shoes, or bras, at retail stores. The world has always sublimely told me "you are not built how the 'ideal' woman is built."


You Deserve the best

Participating in a boudoir photography session is an extremely intimate and personalized experience, and I applaud you for taking a leap of faith towards self-empowerment and discovery.
You deserve to work with an artist who has the professionalism, skill, and personality to create a safe and positive experience while simultaneously creating beautiful images.
Let's create some magic together.

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My Work

Working with Erin was truly a fantastic experience. From the moment I arrived, she was not only professional but also incredibly personable, creating an environment that instantly put me at ease. Throughout the session, her guidance and expertise made the entire process enjoyable - I was never left wondering what to do with my body while posing, which is what had always been the intimidating aspect for me. The final gallery she delivered was nothing short of stunning. Each image was thoughtfully captured, showcasing a keen eye for detail and a true mastery of the art. Erin skillfully highlighted my best features, resulting in a collection of images that exceeded my expectations! - Dakota

Working with Erin was a wonderful experience all around! She made the photo session fun and comfortable. I was nervous going into the photos but Erin’s extremely positive and encouraging personality made me feel at ease quickly. I would highly recommend Erin if you’re looking for a boudoir photographer! - Jaclyn

Having a boudoir photo session done by Erin Winter Boudoir was such a fun and thrilling experience! Any nerves I had were put to ease the moment Erin welcomed me into the studio! Music played while she set up her equipment and showed me various back drops, props, and ideas she had for the shoot. Erin made me feel comfortable and empowered and oh so sexy in front of her camera! She is knowledgeable and experienced in the work she does, and the content she creates is absolutely stunning! - Mel